Create your own travel survival kit

December 3, 2013 in Gear Reviews, Packing, Travel Gear, Travel planning, Travel Tips

Interior of commercial jet

Photo courtesy of James Morrison

In the perfect world, you will have no issues clearing security at the airport, your flights will take off and land on schedule. However, that rarely happens. Delays can happen at any time and while you can’t do much about it, you can prepare a survival kit for yourself to help make this period less painful.

So let’s explore the various situations you might find yourself in:

Flight delays

When it comes to flight delays, there are two possible situations you will find yourself in, either you are in the plane or at the terminal.

If you are waiting at the terminal, you are in a slightly better position. Firstly, you can move around and you have access to food and drink, although it might be a bit overpriced. You can take time to shop around or even visit an airport lounge for a comfortable seat with free food and drinks and maybe even shower facilities. Airports usually have power outlets which will allow you to keep your gadgets charged. If the flight is delayed for a long time, you can try asking the airline for meal and even accommodation vouchers.

If you are stuck on the plane, you are less mobile, but if you are flying on a premium carrier, you might have access to the in-flight entertainment system. To survive these periods, you can bring these items:

  • A book or e-reader for your reading pleasure
  • A tablet for reading, games and even movies
  • A portable gaming system if thats what you prefer
  • Earphones for listening to music on your smartphone
  • Earplugs to sleep through the delay
  • Some snacks if you are on a budget carrier

No power

Although most of the larger carriers offer power plugs for every seat, this is usually for the business class passengers and above or for long haul flights. If you are worried that you will not have sufficient power to last the flight, you can consider bringing the following items along for the ride.

  • External Battery Pack – make sure you know what each port does. Some ports do not have sufficient power to charge tablets.
  • Backup battery for laptop – This might add more weight to your bag, but if you need to work on your laptop, you will need to swap out your batteries when one runs out. For Mac users, you will have to rely on the Hyperjuice external battery.