New online shopping portal at Singapore’s Changi Airport

October 16, 2013 in Singapore, Travel News


Changi Airport has launched a new online shopping portal to allow departing travelers the chance to buy over 1,800 duty-free items and pick them up at a designated spot in the airport before their flight.

This is is great news for travelers who want to pick up some duty-free items but do not have sufficient time to browse the shops at the airport. On the iShopChangi portal, payment is done online and the products can be collected at the iShopChangi counter after checking in.

In addition to providing convenience to travelers, this also helps Changi grow its non-aviation revenue, as it gets a cut of the revenue generate from the shops that participate on this portal. This extra revenue is used to subsidize aeronautical charges, like airline fees, allowing the airport to stay competitive over the rival airports in the region.

Visit iShopChangi today.